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Illusions In Skin Atelier Muschka


Illusions In Skin Atelier Muschka

Inspirations - The face
Atelier Muschka rediscovers the face. With his mobile studio he immediatly creates an atmosphere of expectation and exitement. Whether you are taking part or just watching, the transformation is always a source of irresitable intrigue for children and adults alike. Muschka casts his spell, and within hours the audience is mesmerized, caught up in a fascination new world. At every event his studio is a very special attraction.

Muschka´s style is both sensitive and original, perfected through fifteen years of experience. The richness of his ideas seems endless. He instantly establishes an unspoken understanding with his subjekts: with one look he knows, and with confident strokes a new face appears. Each creation is unique. When you look in the mirror you will be amazed at your own reflection. Again and again your joy will be equaled by others delight. Further special presentations are:

Muschka is well established as a bodyart-painter in Germany. He can change the body into an artwork, integrating it with objekts, installations and performances. So that the image becomes a spatial experience. Surprising discoveries and effects occur: the model becomes a medium of illusion.
Would you like to see your design, your product, your rooms, or your artwork presented in a completely different way - a way which will bring it to life ? Studio Muschka can offer a professional approach, working in partnership with your needs. With his expertise Studio Muschka can realise ideas for promotions, advertisements, commercial and public relations. He works together with model agencies, photographers and stylists, and is able to meet specific requests for body-art events an choreoraphies.

Minimal Art
At galas, balls and promotions Muschka produces minimal but striking designs quikly.
With dekorative colours he can give the final touches to an outfit, be it a shimmering eye, a jewelled shoulder or a beautiful decolage. His work can become the high-light of an event, giving everybody a special and individual flare.

Individual Body - Art
Have you ever played with the idea of becoming somebody completely different, to slip into a new skin and to experience what is it like to become al living artwork? To work out what is best for you Muschka will discuss your ideas with you personally. The environment for your transformation is up to you.

Hartmut M. Graf von Matuschka Frh. von Toppolczan und Spaetgen 
Gneisenaustr. 92, 10961 Berlin Germany

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